red polka dot cycling socks
polka dot cycling socks
blue and red polka dot cycling socks
KOM cycling socks

Polka socks

The humble polka dot has a special place in cycling - the red and white polka jersey awarded to the King of the Mountains at the Tour de France has inspired many designers to put their own twist on this classic design in homage.

Designed for training and racing in all weathers, The Wonderful Socks are constructed in Polypropylene and Resistex Carbon. These high performance fibres are breathable, lightweight, soft, antibacterial, comfortable and more thermo insulating than wool, therefore allowing your feet to stay dry and warm in the winter and dry and cool in the summer.

KEY FEATURES  Lightweight, High-wicking yarn, Open mesh for maximum breathability, High compression
66% Dryarn PPL, 25% Resistex Carbon, 9%Lycra
Wash 30 degrees, Do not iron, Do not tumble dry, Do not bleach, Do not dry clean