Yoga for Cyclists part 2

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Last year we partnered with Jasyoga to bring you a series of free accessible yoga videos to improve your strength and flexibility as a cyclist (check the first series out here) and we are teaming up again to bring you a few more!

You might think yoga isn't for you, or you don't have the time. But a little bit of super-focused yoga on a regular basis can make a massive different to how you feel and perform. Rather than spending an hour in a class once a week, Erin from Jasyoga encourages you to try these 10-20 minutes long videos as often as you can, maybe 3-5 times a week. Because they are focused on your needs as a cyclist, a little goes a long way!

So here we go, OMNIUM x Jasyoga, Yoga for Cyclists 2!

Injury Prevention for Cyclists

Cycling creates imbalances and if left unaddressed injury is inevitable. Luckily, a little bit of yoga goes a long way to mitigate common cycling injuries. Use this routine at least once a week to protect common trouble spots including your neck, knees, low back, and IT bands.

Erin wears the Canela jersey.


Quick Post-Ride Reset

Whether you’re done for the day or taking a quick break, bring more balance to your cycling body in less than 10 minutes by easing stiffness and tension in your wrists, neck, back, hips, and quads. You don’t even have to get off your bike!

 Suggested prop: your bike

Erin wears the Regent's park jersey by Threo.


Long Ride Reset

Welcome back from your ride! Ease lingering stiffness and tension in all your key cycling muscles to optimize your recovery and absorb all the benefits of your effort in preparation for the miles to come. Use this routine at least once a week, especially if you’ve just done a long ride. A game-changer if you’re getting back in the saddle tomorrow or doing a multi-stage race.

Suggested props: block, wall

Erin wears the sleeveless jersey by Susy


Like these? Check out our first series of videos for cyclists, and if you are interested in signing up to the Jasyoga platform for the full range of videos for athletes (including yoga for runners, yoga for triathletes and meditation videos) you can use the code OMNIUMRESET to get your first month free.

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