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Yoga can make you a better cyclist. Yes, really! But most cyclists don’t do yoga, or even consider it as part of their training. And it’s not really surprising - most of us would rather be out on our bikes to be honest, and might feel like we don’t know to start with yoga. We might feel we would be too inflexible, the different types of classes are confusing, it’s expensive, we feel like we might not fit in or we might find ourselves having to do something mortifying like chanting.

But yoga is a comprehensive practice that can improve flexibility and strength, making us more resilient to injury and better able to bounce back from workouts. It can speed up recovery, reduce aches and pains on the bike, make us calm and give us mental focus before races, and it can even make us faster and stronger.

This is where Jasyoga comes in. Erin Taylor has been teaching yoga to athletes for the past decade, helping to connect the dots between the somewhat obtuse practices of yoga, and her client’s sporting goals. Through her video platform and book Hit Reset she helps athletes all over the world break yoga down and understand the most efficient way to use it in order to achieve some of the benefits listed above, and to target specific problem areas. Her philosophy is “little and often” so you don’t have to do hours at a time, but just a few minutes on a regular basis, that can make a huge difference.

So we are really happy that she has started to turn her attention to cyclists, and, in collaboration with OMNIUM, she has produced four videos to get cyclists started on some key areas where we need yoga the most...

So have a look below, let us know what you think, and if you want more, check out Jasyoga’s video platform at which is a great resource of over 50 videos and growing. (Our favourites being “5 minute Hamstring Reset” and “Deep Relaxation for Athletic recovery” - so good after a long ride.)

POST-RIDE UPPER BODY YOGA FOR CYCLISTS (aka Post-Ride Upper body reset)

Optimize your recovery post-ride with this quick routine that will ease lingering stiffness and tension in your chest, shoulders, and neck.

POST-RIDE LOWER BODY YOGA FOR CYCLISTS (aka Post-Ride Lower body reset)

Optimize your recovery post-ride with this quick routine that will ease lingering stiffness and tension in your ankles, calves, hips, hamstrings, and quads.


Get ready to ride! This quick pre-cycle routine will get your breath flowing, activate key muscles, and help you maintain optimal riding position on the miles ahead.

STRENGTH + FLEXIBILITY FOR OPTIMAL RIDING POSITION (aka Yoga for Cyclists: Optimise Your Riding Position)

Gain the right balance of strength and flexibility to maintain great form on your bike. Use this routine pre-ride or on cross-training days to strengthen key muscles including your core, upper back, and glutes, and improve flexibility in key muscles including your hips and chest so that you can get the most out of your mileage.


PS stay tuned on Instagram for more Jasyoga and the chance to win the Hit Reset book.

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