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Last year we discovered Athlete Lab - a studio in central London that offers indoor cycling training on real bikes. It's a really great combination of the motivation and camaraderie that you get in a spin class but with the cycling-specific training benefits of working on a real bike, like training on a turbo trainer.

Athlete Lab use Adjustabikes, which replicate a real road bike with proper groupsets, cranks and thus replicating your correct riding position, and no flywheel distorting your pedal stroke like you get on spin bikes. You also get a LOT of information fed back during and after the workout; truly a stat geeks dream. It's a lot more fun and motivational than slogging it out on your turbo trainer at home, and the staff are absolutely wonderful, supportive, knowledgeable and encouraging.

The workouts are based around your own FTP score, devised for professional cyclists, and they are tough!

The standard of cyclists in the Lab is high, and each year a team goes out to ride the Haute Route. There are a number of sessions arranged in the run up to this that are open to all Lab members and we are happy to be sponsoring this series, to help everyone get kitted out!

We'll be at Athlete Lab for the Haute Route training sessions on the following dates:

Thursday 14th July

Tuesday 19th July

Thursday 28th July

Thursday 11th August

All riders will receive an OMNIUM goody bag consisting of a musette, OMNIUM bidon, a free shipping code, and a snack kindly provided by Max's Protein bars.

We'll have some kit with us so you can try things on and buy directly from us, including the chance to preview our new top secret brand that's launching on the site next week!

If you haven't been to Athlete Lab before, all the info you need is here

We hope to see you there!


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