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Here at OMNIUM we have enjoyed getting to know the people behind the brands, as most of them have really interesting stories to tell and experiences to share. And Good Cycling are no exception.
Based in Utrecht, in The Netherlands, the guys behind the brand, Joost and Tobias, first met each other at a 24 hour race. Both avid endurance riders, they have taken on such challenges as Styrkeproven and Paris Brest Paris, and many 24 hour races. A conversation ensued about how hard - indeed impossible - it was to find bib shorts that could withstand the demands of riding continuously for 24 hours. Thankfully they have spared us the gory details, but the outcome was a decision to set about changing this, which they have done with success in the form of Good Cycling.
good cycling founders OMNIUM blogJoost and Tobias
The brand's inspiration is drawn from their experiences on the bike. Tobias says "We noticed that a place is always better, more beautiful, more interesting when you are on the bike. We want to be on our bike as long as possible. So we want to have good gear, that looks good as well." It was this mindset that gave them their brand's tagline: "It is not the same without your bike"
These guys spend a lot of time riding. Tobias owns 2 cycling messenger companies in Utrecht and Amsterdam, and puts in the hours on the bike there. Joost loves the Alps, and spends all the time he can making his escape the the mountains. Crap kit is not an option!
The design of the Good Cycling kit is therefore extremely well-considered, featuring innovative combinations of fabric and tried-and tested cuts. The Good Cycling design team are Floris and Maurits. Both cyclists, ex Cycle messengers and artists. They bring the vision of Joost and Tobais to life, as well as contributing their own experiences.
Furthermore, the kit is tested by the Good Cycling athletes, Carlijn and Ingrid; avid cyclists, Jaime; a track racer and Thomas; a fixed gear rider.
good cycling athletes wearing the kit OMNIUM
The Good Cycling athletes
A community is growing around the guys at Good Cycling, reaching beyond the cycle messengers and involving cyclist from all over Utrecht. They organise weekly rides in the city and occasional races. Check out the events section of their website if you are in that part of the world and join them!
Good cycling rides and races

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