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We love to find out a bit more about the interesting people behind the brands on OMNIUM. People who are turning their inspiring experiences on the bike into the creative fuel that drives them to produce something awesome. We recently found out a little bit more about the couple behind the massively popular Fingerscrossed socks...
Introduce yourselves, you are you, where are you from?

My name is Patrick and I'm 33 years old. Living in Munich, born in a small town close to the mountains.
My name is Susanne 28 years old. Living in Munich, born in the middle of the mountains. 

How long have you been riding bikes and what sort of riding do you do?

Patrick: I've been riding bikes since about 13 years. I started MTB but as I bought my first road bike in the bike shop where I work before my studying I'm mostly on the road.
Susanne: I've been riding road bikes since about 4 years now.
Why do you ride, what do you love about it?
Patrick: There is so much about cycling. It's the bike holidays you do with great friends. It's the afterwork round you do after a bad day. It's the indoor season you don't want to do at all but puts a smile on your face afterwards. It's just the greatest sport in the world.
Susanne: I like being by myself on my bike to think about my day, to dos and what's coming up.
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Why did you decide to start making cycling socks?
Patrick: I'm into design in general. If it's clothes, furnitures, shapes…and I was always a big sock nerd. A good pair of cycling socks gives you the possibility to give your outfit individuality. It's actually a great way to express yourself.
Susanne: I always felt cycling socks are totally underestimated. 
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What are your influences or inspirations?
Patrick: Susanne is doing the design and I'm mostly riding bikes ;-)
Susanne: My influences: Shapes /and Materials

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