Introducing... Twin Six

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Twin Six are the biggest brand we stock here at OMNIUM, but you might be surprised to know the company is still just 6 people, based in Minneapolis, USA. With an entrepreneurial spirit, they describe themselves as "self-made, self-funded and self-sufficient."
A little bit rebellious, out-there and trailblazing, Twin Six make bold and beautiful kits that reflect their company ethos in every way. 
twin six hq <- Twin Six HQ, Minneapolis
Brent Gale and Ryan Carlson were two cyclists working in design and advertising industries when they set up Twin Six in 2005. At the time, the idea of alternative, creative design in cycling apparel was entirely new, and the selection out there was extremely limited. Fed up with wearing team kits and boring colours, they set out to design inspiring kit that made a real statement. Initially called Alternative Cycling Apparel, the designs were informed by trends in graphic design and fashion, drawing inspiration from a range of different industries and influences.
They started by cutting up jerseys they already owned, and fitting together their ideal shape by taking different elements from different items, tweaking and combining them.
Since then the Twin Six shape has been redesigned continually to take into account new trends like longer arms, to accommodate new fabric technologies and better finishings. The final Twin Six cut is what they like to describe as between American (more baggy) and Euro (tighter) fit. Here at OMNIUM we've fitted the jerseys on our model in a more "Euro" style, but they work equally well one size up for a more relaxed look. 

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