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God and Famous are New York based and founder Kenny seems to have an ability to distill the essence of of the NY cycling scene into his creations - with a sharp design sensibility and a sense of fun. We thought we'd let him tell you a little more about the story behind God and Famous himself...
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Tell us the story behind God & Famous...
The brand began late 2012 on the back of a cycling related injury that resulted in a hip fracture. I was bedridden for 2 months, unable to work or ride. All I was able to do was design. It was then I created God & Famous. The brand was conceived from a very dark place in my life, hence all the black and white and darker themes. The name remains a secret. 

godandfamous  godandfamous

What are the inspirations behind the brand?
My creative inspirations around the brand come from cycling. I'm surrounded by some of the most interesting, diverse, creative and passionate people; its a byproduct of living in New York City. 

There is a tight knit family that surrounds G&F. Consisting of individuals who are each pushing the sport in their own way, the team embodies the brand both on and off the saddle. From messengers, to street riders, racers, and on/off road riders, the team is an eclectic group comprised of various backgrounds, styles, occupations, and cycling emphasis. Its not only about what the team does for God & Famous, its also about what the brand does for them; support and grow with them as their cycling evolves. 

godandfamous  godandfamous

Tell us a bit more about you...
I personally ride road, cx and track. I fell in love with cycling through the track bike and since have grown my riding to encompass what New York has to offer. Its mainly road riding and single track stuff with the occasional taxi-dodging street mobbing. But my primary passion is pushing road miles on the track bike. Its painful and oh-so rewarding. 

godandfamous  godandfamous

Any thing else you want to add?
Whatever kind of riding you're doing, keep it up and always remember to have fun. Ride safe! 

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